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Repair history


As I was cleaning the inside, coal was found from the bottom of the ship.
It seems to be before 1929 when Le Corbusier renovated. It seems that it was processed into a round shape at that time.


It will be the second lockdown in Paris from today, but I got permission to continue working.
Mud is being discharged from the ship, and the bottom of the ship is starting to dry.


The levitation work has been completed successfully, and now the mud on the bottom of the ship is discharged to the land and treated as industrial waste.
In the future, we plan to investigate the condition of the concrete on the hull.


After the pump drainage was completed, Asyl Flottan returned to the surface of the Seine. On the 20th, a report of emergence was broadcast from Paris in the program of NHK morning news "Good morning Japan".


It has surfaced!


Pump drainage started at 9:25 am local time in Paris.


Preparatory work other than pump drainage for ascent has been completed.

A construction process meeting was held and the levitation work by pump drainage was decided on the 19th to 20th as scheduled.


We started the preparatory work from today.


We held a briefing session on levitation work with neighboring ship owners. Everyone welcomed the emergence of Asyl Flottan and promised a cooperative response.


Finally, the River Bureau and the Culture Bureau have approved the start of levitation work.


The levitation construction company sent us a schedule for resuming construction. Construction will begin on October 7, and levitation work will begin on October 19-20.


Negotiations have begun with the River Bureau and the Culture Bureau regarding the start of construction by ADAN as a ship owner. In addition, negotiations have begun between the people involved in Paris and the construction company to resume the surfacing work.


The court has sent me a document nominated by the Japan Society for Architectural Design (ADAN) as the ship's manager. The document states that it will be valid from August 4th.


A ZOOM meeting was held between the trustee selected by the court and the ADAN side, and insisted on raising the ship as soon as possible for safety. The SAS, owned by Asyl Flottan, has been liquidated, and the final talks between the Seine River Bureau and the Paris Culture Bureau are on the shelves.


We received a consultation from a court-designated trustee regarding the maintenance and management of Asyl Flottan, and responded positively to continue the withdrawal. SAS, the owner of Asyl Flottan, has been dissolved and the final talks between the Seine River Bureau and the Paris Culture Bureau have been shelved.


The company that owns Asyl Flottan has been dissolved. In February 2018, a salvage company that carried out construction work that caused the ship to submerge was sued for unpaid expenses, and the court confirmed the dissolution of the company.


We were planning to start levitation work after various preliminary discussions next week, but the coronavirus spread and all were suspended due to the lockdown in Paris.


It has been decided that final discussions with the Seine River Bureau will be held on March 20 for levitation work. Along with this, it was also decided to hold discussions with neighboring ship owners on March 27.


The surfacing construction company has been decided. After that, we will wait for the permission of the French regulatory agency, and finally we will prepare for the ascent work.


The diving survey is over.


Asyl Flottan Revival Project The International House of Japan has decided to subsidize the restoration of Asyl Flottan. The asylum plan for the ship Asyl Flottan, designed by Le Corbusier, will officially begin.


The water level of the Seine is now on par with normal. A diving survey will be conducted later this month.

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