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Know the background of the times

The background to the creation of Asile Flottant is intertwined with the relationships of various people in Paris in the early 20th century.
In particular, there are many women such as Madeleine Jillhardt, a female painter who donated heritage, and Singer Polignac, who made a lot of donations and nominated Le Corbusier. In the 21st century, five volunteers living in Paris worked on repair and preservation, and the new mission of Asile Flottant started.
And now, it is a project by the Japan Society for Architectural Design to pass it on to the future as a historical asset of architectural and cultural exchange between Japan and France.

People around Asile Flottant

Around 1929, we will introduce the people involved in this ship, from the realization of Asile Flottant to the regeneration project in the 21st century.

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