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​Location of Asile Flottant

Meet Asile Flottant

Viewed from upstream of Viaduc d'Austerlitz (2017)

Azir Flottan has revived on the Seine and floats on the Viaduc d'Austerlitz.

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Position of Perth (1929)

Perth of Asile Flottant is a viewpoint looking upstream from the right bank of Seine with Pont de Saar in the back. You can see the Monetary Authority on the right, Pont Neuf on the left front, and the steeple of Notre Dame Cathedral far upstream.

パース 1.jpg

Draft of Perth Louvre Palace Kunio Maekawa Draft, Japanese memo can be read / 1929-10-13 / 53cm × 111cm


Early mooring site / Louvre Palace shore (1929)

The dome of the Institut de France is in front of it, almost in line with Perth.
The plan was moored at this location from the planning stage, and I was surprised that it was realized.


Looking at the entrance from the bridge (1929)


Construction site / Under the Pont d'Austerlitz (1929)

The renovation of the Collier Liege was carried out directly under the arch bridge, floating on the Seine. The place where the Louise Catherine was born.


Construction photo during renovation (1929)


New mooring place / Osterlitz mooring place

It has moved downstream of the current Viaduc d'Austerlitz since around 1960. It is directly opposite the place where the renovation work was done. Today, there are many boathouses in the area.

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Viewed from the left bank on the Pont d'Austerlitz (2020)


Where Le Corbusier lived / 20 Rue Jacob (1917-1933)

Le Corbusier lived in an apartment with a salon opened by female writer Natalie Bernay. In 1930, Corbusier married his wife Yvonne and lived there while Kunio Maekawa was in Paris, but Eileen Gray, who designed the E-1027 at the same time, also lived nearby.

Le Corbusier

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