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Modern architecture

01 Roof garden

A stationary planter is planned on the rooftop study drawing, and the layout of rectangles, L-shaped, Z-shaped, T-shaped, etc. is studied. Compared to the realized photograph, the planter shape has been slightly changed and it is mainly L-shaped or rectangular, but the overall arrangement is almost followed.


Terrace study: 49 cm x 111 cm

03 Horizontal continuous window

Azir Flottan is characterized by a long horizontal continuous window of about 16m, and three of these are continuous. It is a proportion that cannot be realized by the architecture at that time. Indeed, it realizes the exterior and interior space that maximizes the effect of horizontal continuous windows. The windows are made of wood, but they are made up of openable and fixed parts.

04 Free elevation

The façade is formed by the newly added continuous windows. Since the hull and horizontal continuous windows do not belong to the category of existing windows and roofs, it can be said that they are free elevations that are not bound by stylized architecture.


Hull study (entrance and window): 50 cm x 108 cm

Known as the work that most clearly realized the "Five Principles of Modern Architecture" advocated by Le Corbusier, it is the Villa Savoye completed in 1930. It was conceived at about the same time as Asile Flottant, and was completed in 1932, three years after Asile Flottant.

The theory was developed through many of the works he had worked on.


Pillars and a roof have been added to the flatboat, and horizontal windows have been set between the hull structure and the roof. It is a rational design in a sense, but the "five principles" are well combined. The roof is supported by colonnades arranged in a span of 4 m, and the proportions that are in harmony with the size of the bed are realized, and the space between the pillars feels rhythmic. In addition, from the horizontal continuous windows in the north and south, sunlight draws bright light to the bottom of the ship as time changes, creating a comfortable living space.

02 Piloti

The bottom of the ship, with its continuous pillars and no obstacles, was open like the ground. The distance from the shore of about 10m seen in Perth is free from the constraint of the ground, and it can be regarded as a cross-sectional piloti. A small space is a prerequisite, and many studies are conducted depending on the cross section to arrange many beds.


Bedroom Study / Black Pencil Tracing Paper / 0,48 x 0,55 / 12.05

05 Free plane

The 70m hull is divided into three sections, each of which has a series of common colonnades, forming a continuous tunnel from the bow to the stern. A space with a bed, a restaurant, a toilet / washroom, and a shower room were also planned. It can be said that the space is a free plane with variability that can accept various functions like an open pillar.


Interior and Longitudinal Study: 32 cm x 82 cm

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