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About Kunio Maekawa

Kunio Maekawa

Kunio Maekawa (1905-1986) can be said to be an architect who embodies the beginning of modern and contemporary architecture in Japan. After World War II, he led the Japanese architectural world as a standard-bearer of modernism.

Maekawa graduated from university in 1928 and traveled to France via the Trans-Siberian Railway the next day to enter Le Corbusier's atelier. At that time, many young people aspiring to be Japanese architects, painters, and engineers were staying in Europe. Among them, Maekawa has gained three years of practical experience under Le Corbusier, who was a leader in modernist architecture, and has directly witnessed the progress of Villa Savoye and Azir Flottan. Today, the archives of the Le Corbusier Foundation have records of drawing creators since 1929, and it is known that Maekawa created 50 drawings while he was enrolled. You can read the Japanese memo written by Maekawa on one of the remaining perspectives (12063 / FLC). Maekawa's stay is not long, but the renovation of Azir Flottan has been engaged from design to completion, and you can see the footsteps of Maekawa in the heat of modernism.

Maekawa returned to Japan in 1930, then studied under Antonio Raymond and became independent in 1935. Since then, he has been energetically designing, leaving many modernist architecture throughout Japan, including the International House of Japan, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, and Kyoto Kaikan. In addition, many architects such as Kenzo Tange were produced from Maekawa Associates, and many more architects such as Kisho Kurokawa, Arata Isozaki, Fumihiko Maki, and Yoshio Taniguchi were born from the origin of Tange. .. The fact that the young Maekawa rushed to Le Corbusier was the distant cause of the Azir Flottan revival project, and Azir Flottan is a heritage from Kunio Maekawa and Le Corbusier to the Japanese architectural world, and will continue to be a cultural exchange between Japan and France. It can be said that it is a legacy for the future.


Welcome to Le Corbusier at MID Building


Scenery at the Le Corbusier atelier on 35th Sable Street, Paris


Kunio Maekawa and Le Corbusier in the drafting room of the MID Building


Mr. and Mrs. Maekawa relaxing in the living room of Meguro's own residence



International House of Japan


International House of Japan


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan


National Museum of Western Art

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